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Organic Rose Gardening

Organic Rose Gardening

Organic rose gardening is becoming increasingly popular among rose enthusiasts.  Roses have been grown by people for thousands of years before man-made chemicals were ever invented and therefore these chemicals do not have to be depended on to have a gorgeous garden of roses.  By maintaining an organic yard you are able to increase the longevity of your roses plus keep your family, pets, and wildlife away from harmful chemicals.

The earth, plants, and wildlife has been around millions of years doing fine on its own without the help of man.  It is only when man gets it in his head that he can do better then nature when things start getting out of balance.  Normally, plants absorb nutrients and water from their roots.  The leaves of the plant go through photosynthesis which is the process of using water and sunlight to make energy.  Soil naturally contains bacteria, fungus, nematodes, worms, plus other organisms.  These organisms breakdown dead materials that enrich the soil.  Using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides destroy natural soil organisms and disrupt the natural relationship of the roses and the soil.  Without helpful bacteria to protect rose plant roots, harmful fungi can move in and harm the plant.  Plus, it is possible to get your roses addicted to chemical fertilizers.  The more you use chemical to liven up your roses, the more the roses will depend on the chemicals.

Growing roses organically is inexpensive and easy.  You are simply leaving out the purchase of chemical fertilizers and pest control.  You are still able to feed the soil and care for your roses without these things.  Some soil might need a little help.  The best way to do that is to work compost into the soil of a new garden or as a top dressing or mulch in an existing garden.  Anyone can start a compost pile in their yard by adding decaying plant clippings, animal waste, grass clippings, dried leaves, and even kitchen scraps like fruit peels or fish heads to a pile and allowing it to decompose over time.  There are several different, easy ways to create a compost pile in a container or in a pile but most ways require you to stir the pile to ensure that all of the compost is decaying properly.

Organic gardening also means staying away from most types of pest control.  But, that does not mean that you are completely helpless against pests.  Sometimes pesticides not only kill the insects that are doing damage to your plants, they also kill the insects that help you plants by eating damaging ones.  Lady bugs and some wasps are considered beneficial for preying on insect pests.  Birds will eat grubs, and even frogs, lizards, and snakes help to prevent pest problems.  If a pesticide is truly needed, rose plant owners can purchase organic or natural pesticides that are very effective and are less toxic.  Plus, they can target a specific problem by killing that type of pest insect and not much else.

The goal in rose planting is to grow the largest blooms, the most fragrant, and over all the most beautiful roses around.  This task can be accomplished organically by putting just as much time and effort into your garden as you would put money into chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides.

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