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Lower Back Problems

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain or back pain in general is a very common problem . There are millions of people everyday that don’t sleep or wake up with back pain. A very big problem because it can slowly hurt your overall health.

I was like most people , I just tried to ignore it , thought it would go away. It really never does on its own. It is normally because we have , twisted or turned wrong and injured our back slightly. The problem starts there, but then we favor the hurt part and set in motion a whole group of other problems.

  1. Muscle strain- this is the most common cause. We sometimes do not treat our backs very well. We over reach , stretch to far , or lift to much weight wrong, and we have a small problem. As we change our posture to accommodate this minor injury we can cause other problems elsewhere. Poor posture is a main cause of most back problems.
  2. Sciatica pain- when the muscles tighten around these nerves in your lower back the pain can be overwhelming. If you have every suffered from this you know what I am talking about. Most common is when you sit in a chair it can cause great pain down the back of you leg. Usually stops at the knee , but can go to your foot sometimes. It can feel as if your knee cap is on “fire”. There are some very good exercises for this problem , which will give you relief in a very short time.
  3. Bulging Disc- can be another problem that can cause you problems in your back area. When we have lifted to much weight , or had some type of trauma , compression of the spine , we have set ourselves up for more long range problems. You must know how to decompress your spine to help this problem heal.

Now some good news about , lower back pain, sciatica nerve pain , and bulging disc problems. A fix for all of these problems was discovered by NASA several years ago.

They had noticed , several things happened while in outer space. The Astronauts grew almost 3 inches during the mission . They did not actually grow , but there spines decompressed . This information lead to more discoveries. How important this was to overall health. They came up with a whole program on how to help keep your back in a healthy state. It involved proper nutrition , stretches, and exercises that relieved pain.

It is so successful the US military uses it to help keep our soldiers backs in good shape. They carry heavy loads in the field everyday and need to know how to keep there backs in great shape. If you want back pain relief , this is it. If you have a neck pain , it will tell you how to solve it. Sciatic nerve pain relief will be a thing of the past, herniated disc relief is on the way.

I found a source for all of this information in one place. It covers everything to do with your back , its problems and more importantly its cures. It is located at a web site called: . It will give you all of the information you need to have a healthy back in general. So take it from this former back pain sufferer, get the best information you can , to keep your back and body healthy.

Thank you Lee Martin

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