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guinea pig supplies

Guinea Pig Supplies

Guinea pigs make great pets. They are cute and furry and do not take up much room. Noting that, it is still important to purchase the correct guinea pig supplies in order to take the best care of them possible. This article provides some guidelines for what guinea supplies are needed.

The first thing you will need is a cage. Most pet stores and some department stores that sell pets will have them in stock. The cage needs to be big enough for an adult guinea pig to have room to run around in and also have a door that is secure so that your little fur ball doesn’t get out and become lost. It is also better to buy a cage that has a solid floor since guinea pig feet are small and can get trapped between the bars.

The second item of guinea pig supplies needed is a food bowl and food to go in it, of course. Food bowls that are made of a heavy material like metal or ceramic are the best choice. This will help keep them from knocking the bowl over and wasting food that falls below the bedding.

When buying a water bottle, make sure it is big enough to hold a fair amount of water to make sure your piggy doesn’t run out when you are not home. These should attach to the side of the cage easily. Water bottles are preferred over a water bowl because guinea pigs tend to dump water dishes and ruin their bedding frequently. Having a water bottle that mounts on the cage will save discomfort for your pet and aggravation for you. This is an important item in pet supplies.

More guinea pig supplies include houses, which come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, ladders to get up to another “floor”, and a litter pan. Yes, a litter pan! Guineas can be trained to use a litter box when they are out and about, roaming the house. A small litter pan for cats will do the job nicely.

When purchasing your pig supplies, make sure to include a wood or mineral block for them to chew on. Guinea pig teeth constantly grow and they need to be able to “file” their teeth down, so to speak. If their teeth become too long, they won’t be able to use them properly and this can lead to starvation and digestive problems.

Your piggy will love to snuggle! There are lots of different guinea pig snuggies and fabric holders available to give your pig some extra luxury. Hammocks are another trend that’s catching on and these pieces of guineas supplies are excellent for providing your little fuzzy friend with an alternate sleeping place that is the height of comfort.

Finding the right guinea pig supplies is responsible and a lot of fun. Good luck with your little piggy and happy shopping!
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By: Lee Martin

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